Wednesday, January 8, 2014

IWSG: Resolutions and Deadlines

I decided for the new year that I would commit myself to writing every single day. Whether it was one sentence or hours on end of non-stop writing did not matter to me, it was simply that I would take the time each day to write something down and use my brain to put words together. The thing is, by the end of 2013, I was finding it way too easy to do other things and continually put my writing at the bottom of my to-do list. Of course it was always with good reason - a pregnancy, a serious threat that I may lose my house and family obligations all come to mind - but that's why the new year's resolution seemed so important. Regardless of the severity of the reality of my now, I must make the time to at least jot down one little thought of the day (if not more!).

Part of the motivation in this endeavor is the project that my writing group is undertaking. A number of us in the group are writing short stories to bring together in an anthology that we are hoping to publish when we are done. It is intimidating, but it is also needed. We have set deadlines for pitching our story ideas and synopses, as well as getting a first draft of some sort for the group to read. It is because of this project and my tendency to only write the night before something is due that finally sparked the idea for my writing resolution. I now have a good idea of what I want my story to be about and the point of view I would like to write it in. This is all because of my tiny dedication to my writing each day. Tomorrow I have a doctor's appointment after which I will be on an incredibly long bus ride home - I'm bringing my notebook with me! I hope to get a big chunk of my story done, but if I happen to write about something else entirely, that will be fine as well. Bus writing is one of my favorite things!

I'd like to personally thank Alex J Cavanaugh for hosting the Insecure Writer's Support Group each month, which has dragged me out of my blog silence back into the realm of the posting bloggers this week. Hopefully this will inspire me to come back very soon (in between my major nesting nonsense happening in this house!).

Did you make any writing resolutions this year?
How about reading resolutions or challenges?


  1. Cynthia/Read is the New BlackJanuary 9, 2014 at 3:10 PM

    Nicole, happy New Year! Are you pregnant? If so, congratulations!!
    That's great that your'e part of a writing group. I took a critique class during the fall, and being part of the class, I really had to hold myself accountable for moving my story along and getting things done.

  2. Bravo Nicole! The Nano did that for me in November, put me right where I wanted/needed to be and so writing since then has come much easier, well, the want and need to write anyway! Happy New year and congratulations on your new little one...! Do you know "what" it is yet?LOL

  3. I, like you, am trying to do the same thing. 2013 held a lot of challenges and now that 2014 is here writing is at the top (well, very close) of my daily To Do list.
    Good luck with the anthology.

    Leanne ( )

  4. I decided not to make any resolutions, but focused on promises instead. Here's my blog post on my new year's promise, Kudos and good luck on the anthology!

  5. I thought about making a goal to write every day, but whenever I tried it, I failed. I'm just not a daily writer. Good luck with your goal and glad to see you blogging, Nicole. =)

  6. Now if I could just STICK to my blogging!!! GAH!!!

  7. That's a great promise! As I wrote on your post, I should be making the same one. The status of this blog and my reviewing has been nothing less than PATHETIC as of late!! You have inspired me to work harder!

  8. Loved your IWSG post and I am happy to see that at least some people are still getting fortune cookies with cool fortunes in them!!

  9. Hey Lisa! Oh how I love Nano, but that baby-brain was simply NOT HAVING IT this year. What a let down! Thankfully, I have had my writing group to force me to do some writing in between regardless of what the baby "says".
    Thanks for the congratulations and yes, we know that we are having A BOY! No ideas on names yet - between 12 years of teaching and tons of years of naming characters after that, this feels like the greatest decision of the century!!

    The writing group is really getting me through this pregnancy because, as my blog will lay as evidence to, this baby is sucking my writing mojo away right now. I suppose all my creation juices as being used up! Of course I don't mind spending them on such worthy cause, but I do miss my writing routine.