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10 Characters I'd Switch Places With for 24 Hours

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This week's topic is:

24 hours is the key to this week's list in my eyes. If the topic was simply characters I'd like to switch places with period, I think a bunch of these choices would be off right away. On the other hand, knowing that I can enter the world and life of my choice for one day and, no matter how scary or surreal that world may be, return back to the simplicity of my own dull life I felt a bit braver in my choices.

1. Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series by JK Rowling.

I know a thousand people will have this character as one of their selections. I mean who doesn't want access to a magical world just beyond the reaches of our own and a time turner? I don't think this requires a whole bunch of explanation.

2. Annabeth Chase from Percy Jackson and the Olympians series by Rick Riordan.

 A half-blood daughter of Athena, Annabeth gets access to Camp Half Blood out in Long Island and has cool friends like Percy Jackson, his brother Tyson and Grover Underwood. Being Annabeth for 24 hours would give me the ability to see beyond the mist so I could see all the awesome mythological, godly and magical stuff happening right in front of me every day!

3. Any hobbit from The Hobbit or The Lord of The Rings by JRR Tolkien.

I want to see the Shire, live in a hobbit hole and have one full day of hobbit life. This should include merriment, lots of eating and - hopefully - not be my birthday (hobbits have a tradition of giving gifts to everyone else on their birthday, this way they gifts all year round, rather than just one day). 

4. Lucy Pevensie from The Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis

I'd like to meet Aslan. Since Lucy was always the most faithful of the Pevensie children chances are, even with a mere 24 hours, stepping into Lucy's shoes give me the greatest chance to do so. However, even if the great lion doesn't drop by, at least I'll be able to explore Narnia which is awesome!
5. John Smith/Number Four from I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore.
It's all about the power here, not the impending doom of another alien race set on my demise. John Smith has super strength, speed, telekinesis, Lumen (an awesome power that allows him to shoot heat from his body and be able to resist fire whenever he needs to),  but my all time favorite power that he possesses is Animal Telepathy! I need this power! While I'd love to have it in my own home, so Champ (the ShihTzu) and I could really talk, just getting into the mind of any animal would be fun for me.

6. Sookie Stackhouse from the The Southern Vampire Mysteries series by Charlene Harris.
Although this is kind of cheating (I feel like I cheat every week in Top Ten Tuesday!!) since I haven't read the books yet, I know enough about Sookie's life from friends who have read the books that I think I'd like a day in the life of Sookie. This is a combination of world exploring and character exploring. First, I need to check out a world in which vampires are publicly recognized, and I want to mingle around. Second, Sookie is a super-charged fairy with magical friends, I'd like to take her powers for a spin!

7. Marcus Yallow from Little Brother by Cory Doctorow.
Marcus has some pretty fantastic computer and hacking skills. I'd like to be him for 24 hours and, while him, spend the 24 hours writing up a how-to manual for the real me to make me the most web-savvy person I can be. I just hope I won't get distracted with an ARG. On the other hand, I will accepting LARPing distractions; they sound like loads of fun!

8. Grover from The Monster At The End of This Book by John Stone.
Alright. There. I admitted it. I want to be a muppet. It's only for a day, and why not be the most lovable furry blue monster on the block in Sesame Street?

9. Effie Trinket from The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.
I'm not into mak-up and doing my hair all fancy, or even getting dressed up all that much, but I would like to spend 24 hours experiencing all the insanity that is the Capitol and I feel like Effie could get me right in the middle of that muck. I'll treat that day as my own Halloween as I take part in all the garish flamboyance that is expected as the norm. 

10. Hobbes from Calvin & Hobbes by Bill Watterson.
I love to surprise and terrify those I care about. I hide behind doorways, under counters and in darkened halls waiting for the perfect moment to jump out and SCREAM! It's wonderful when the victim screams as well, when you see their eyes turn into saucers and you can run and hide before they shake off the fear and realize they just want to murder you for the time you've shaved off of their life... This is something I relish in. However, in my nearly 36 years of practice in this art I have never mastered a pounce the way Hobbes has. I love when Calvin is creeping through his front door knowing that Hobbes is just waiting somewhere quietly in some shadow to pounce on him. Calvin knows it, but it doesn't matter. Hobbes gets him every time. I want to be Hobbes for one day so I can - in my long, furry, agile tiger body - deliver the scare I have been reaching for my entire life. 
...and then maybe after that Calvin and I can play with the Transmogrifier.

Who's on your list? You've got 24 hours to be any character from  any book; who do you choose? Who did I forget? Post your answers in the comments section below!

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