Saturday, December 22, 2012

The REAL Santa Claus

What's with all the Santas?

Every kid gets to a point where this question comes up. Whether you notice that year after year your pictures with Santa look like they are with a different guy, or (like my brother and I) you are dragged from mall to mall to mall and notice every single mall has their own Santa sitting in center court all hours of the day.

It is simply impossible for Santa to be in all these places at once. Magic or no, every kid starts to wonder what is going on after a while.

I suppose my brother or I approached my mother at some point this quandary, because my only memory of my belief in Santa is an unshakable faith in who the real Santa Claus was and how he spent his pre-holiday time.

In our home we were told that the real Santa asked for hundreds of thousands of "helpers" to go out to the malls all over the country - including the guys right here in our Staten Island Mall - because he could only take pictures in one place.

The real Santa is at Macy's in Manhattan. The mere evidence of this fact comes from the magnificent Macy's Thanksgiving Parade where the whole country watches as Santa comes into New York at the end of the parade.

This made perfect sense to my brother and I because the couple of times we took the trip out to the City to visit Santa and take pictures with him, the line was EPICALLY long!

Who was your "real Santa"?

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