Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May's Reading Challenge

It's Spring. It's time to clean and what am I buried in? Books to read! A huge portion of them are ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies) that I wish to read and review. The problem is, typically, life gets in the way of me accomplishing this. Well, not this month!

Thanks to Kimba the Caffeinated Book Reviewer, there is a challenge this month that is going to light the fire under my lazy reader's butt to get me to read and review as many of the ARCs I have in one month: it's called the "Clean Sweep ARC Challenge." If you would like to join me, the linky to join will remain open until May 15th, so it is not too late!

My reading list for this challenge 
(which includes ancient ARCs from last year's BEA through digital ARCs that were approved as recently as yesterday!) 

The Last Policeman
The Curiosities
The Company of Writers
Guardians, Inc. : The Cypher (read and REVIEWED)
Eat Drink Vote
The Facebook Diet (read!)
crush.candy. corpse
The How-To Handbook
Identity Theft
Burning the Page
Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time
Being Henry David
The Revelations of Jude Connor

I still have more. Finishing this list will not be a complete sweep, but writing this list out like this is showing me exactly how many I still have to read. If I can get through this batch, I'll come back and add more.

For now, I think I better stop blogging and jump into that reading list. 

Thanks for reading!

This list includes fiction, YA, graphic novels, books on writing, nonfiction and short stories: which genre are you most interested in hearing (reading) about?


  1. Great list Nicole, my genres are all over from YA to Adult Horror..LOL

  2. Diversity is key! I once had a completely YA month, but, for the most part, if I need to read a lot of stuff at once, I have to mix it up!

  3. I am the same way, I can not do the same genre back to back. The nice thing is that my reviews appeal to those who are 14 to 84! I am stalking you (legally) every which way!

  4. Great list! Thanks for participating and happy reading!

  5. Great list Nicole, looking forward to seeing your progress :D

    My Clean Sweep post.

    Have a great weekend!