Monday, December 19, 2011

There's Still Time to Give...

The holiday season is almost over. The new year is practically upon us. For many it means starting anew in some way, but what if it meant rewriting the entire script of your life?

There are some new beginnings that we rush to, open armed, full of hopeful anticipation. Then there are the others that we find ourselves swept up in unawares, but unforgivably present and demanding full attention. There is one family in New Jersey who, this holiday season find themselves in the latter situation - their world has changed top to bottom, left to right, front to back, nothing will be the same because of a tragedy none of them will forget.

A mother was murdered, the father committed suicide and two children are left behind.

These things are not supposed to happen. No one has a "just-in-case" plan in place for this scenario. Grandparents aren't supposed to become parents in the passage of one weekend. However, the road of life is not paved with gold, it is more like New York City streets after the winter's quelled - some streets remain whole, others cracked, while some, like the street of life this family found themselves on this weekend, have enormous sinkholes right in the center clogging up all the traffic.

One family can't fill that sinkhole alone. They need help. Help from friends, from family, and from you!

A donation page has been set up at for the Trapp girls. I implore you to dig deep, and give what you can. I knew Heather when we were kids and my heart is broken over this loss. The world isn't supposed to work this way, not as far as I am concerned, anyway, but, perhaps, together, we can make it better for Heather's children.

Please DONATE.

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