Wednesday, May 2, 2012

BOOK CLUB Announcement from Word of the Nerd

I know it's Wednesday and today is supposed to be Reading Journal Day and I promise, next Wednesday there will be a brand new entry from my Reading Journals past, but today I have an exciting announcement and invitation I want to share with you here on Rivera Runs Through It:

Today we launched a brand new online book club at Word of the Nerd online! 
This is big news and I have been planning it for a long while (so long ago, in fact, in my original plans I was going to launch it in April!), so I am happy to finally be able to spill the beans.

While all of the information can be found on the Word of the Nerd website, I'd like to give you guys and gals a sneak peek into what the whole book club is about. Like all book clubs it is about books and community. We want to find some really great reads (some book to movies before we go to theaters, some graphic novels, and some nerd classics written by the masters of our imaginations), and we want to meet our Nerd Nation. Each month, a new book will be announced in the first week of the month, I'll do some check-in posts throughout the second and third weeks and, by week four it will be time to discuss. Our discussions will take place on the Word of the Nerd Facebook page or on Twitter by following the hashtag #WOTNBC. (You know how much I love those hashtags!!)

So, guess what?
That's right! I'm double-dipping here, I'd like to chat it up with my RRTI readers too during this wonderful meeting of the minds over some yummy literature (I know there are some in the closet nerds out there)! If you think you are interested, then come check out the Official Word of the Nerd Book Club Page and then RSVP either in comments section here, or at Word of the Nerd on the post announcing May's read.

 Wondering what May's read is? I really should make you read my post on Word of the Nerd, but I love you and I think you will do that anyway, later, so here it is: 
In an effort to read the book before the movie, and knowing that this is the last month to actually accomplish that in (since the movie arrives in theaters this June), our read this month will be none other than Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter by Seth Grahame-Smith. I'm extremely curious about this book, particularly after reading and enjoying Taft 2012 so much, I guess I'm just in the mood for turning American history on its head! 

Readers are you ready to join?
Have you read Seth Grahame-Smith before?
If you coud put one book on the Word of the Nerd's Book Club reading list, what would it be and why? 

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