Friday, July 26, 2013

How Do You Organize Your Books to Read?

Billy Burgess from Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer is asking us how we organize our books to read in this week's Book Blogger Hop. When I first read the question, I thought I would have nothing to say beyond "size order," but after really thinking about it I realized I do have a couple of "rules" with my book collections.

Advanced Reader Copies

I have an entire shelf of books I received from this year's BookExpo America in my china cabinet. They have to be read, reviewed and, for the most part, given away. Last year I was terrible at keeping up with this and one of the reasons was every time I finished a book, I just wouldn't know what to do next. This year I came up with a plan! I organized the books in order of publication date! Since publishers and authors both prefer that the review is closer to the release date, I figured I needed to work that way. Now when I finish a book, there's no confusion about what I should read next - I just grab what's next on the shelf.

Graphic Novels/Comic Books

This summer my husband and I bought an enormous bookshelf/entertainment center for our living room. We were very excited about having a new shelf for all of our books. After we filled it we realized we couldn't fit much more past our graphic novels! They were put on the shelves in number order and then in size order.

Teaching/Math Books

Three years out of the classroom and well aware I am not heading back, but I still have a bookshelf full of all of my teaching resources. How are they organized? Mostly by size order, but in between, if you look very carefully, you will also see some content-area breakdown.

Current Reads

Much to the chagrin of my spouse, there is zero organization when it comes to what is in my "current reads" focus. They can be under the bed, in my night stand, under my pillow, on the end tables in the living room, on the couch, in my pocketbook, on the kitchen counter, pretty much anywhere I've been. This wouldn't be so bad if I were only "currently reading" one book at a time, but if you check out my goodread profile, you will quickly notice this is a serious problem!

So how do you organize your books? 


  1. Silver's ReviewsJuly 26, 2013 at 6:25 PM

    I did the same thing, Nicole. My second year was smarter when choosing books. I only chose the ones I knew I would read. The first year at the BEA I was clueless. :)

    Nice bookshelf.

    I use an Excel spreadsheet to keep my books in the order I need to read them.

    Stop by for my full, organized answer if you like. :)

    Happy Hopping!!

    Silver's Reviews
    My Blog Hop Answer

  2. Susan @ Reading WorldJuly 26, 2013 at 6:54 PM

    BEA sounds great. One of these years I'll get there. I love the photo- it does look like you're well-organized!

  3. I don't have a specific way to organize the books I'm reading. I am aware of what books I have that I haven't read yet, and when I'm in the mood for a certain genre or story, then I'll reach for that book. My book collection has, at times, been a very resourceful "library."

    Cynthia at Read is the New Black

  4. Nicole I love your entertainment unit, it's a pity that it only fits your Graphic and Comic books, your Partner and yourself must have heaps! I used to be the same as you with my "current reads" so there's pretty much a book EVERYWHERE in the house, so at any one time I can just grab a book and start reading where I left off, but I started loosing library books and I'd have to pay the late fee until I found it, so now I try to just read a few books at a time and try to have it near my work desk.

    My Friday Hop

  5. I've always wanted to get into graphic novels. But I have so many other books to be read already. I just know if I start reading graphic novels too, it's going to be even crazier to find space for books.

    Organizing your ARCs in order on your shelf is a great idea. It sounds so much less complicated than my spreadsheet.

    Thanks for stopping by my BBH!

    Ashling @ Reading, Writing, & Anything but Arithmetic

  6. I regulate my graphic novel consumption by being a part of a monthly graphic novel club. I try not to add too many more in between what the v=club is reading, but my husband is a born and raised comic book guy, so I guess I have enough right here in the house to start reading if I ever feel like something "new".

    I should let you know that it was your blog name that encouraged me to come check you out. After 12 years of teaching mathematics, I had know about the person wanted "anything but arithmetic"! :)

  7. OMG! The lost library books! I have been down that road. I always tell myself that it is my way of supporting public libraries :)
    My entertainment unit is from IKEA. Thank you. My husband and I were stalking it for years before we were finally able to go get it this summer!

  8. I was definitely able to do the same thing before BEA. I think that's why last year was such a debacle for me! I had no real concept of organizing my books. It just wasn't necessary!!

  9. HAHA! The fraud continues! As long as I take pictures at the right angles, I can look pretty well put together ;)
    As for BEA, it is one of my favorite times of year! I love it so much, but am only able to enjoy it because it is here in New York. I don't know what I will do with myself when it moves out to Chicago in a couple of years!

  10. You have to be at least the third person I have heard of that uses an Excel sheet to organize their books. You guys are really NO JOKE! I must say I am extremely impressed!

  11. Nicole I love Ikea's furniture, it's affordable and decent quality and the designs are brilliant! Can't go wrong with Ikea.

    What's worse about me regarding the library books, is that I never "loose" it I just "misplace" it and end up finding it but sometimes way too overdue LOL