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Top 10 Secondary Book Characters

I love this week's topic from The Broke and the Bookish! This week we are talking about our favorite secondary book characters. There are so many times in reading where it is these characters that drive me to turn page after page, that light me up after some painful conflict and give me the literary hug that I need. I love secondary characters. I will tell you now, I am going to forget some super important ones in my reading history. I am well aware of this fact because I am writing this list from the top of my head and I am not looking back! So, for right now, here are my

Top 10 Secondary Book Characters

1. Ron, Hermione & so much of the Harry Potter supporting cast

Where would JK Rowling's universe be if it weren't for all of the characters surrounding Harry in his journeys. At first, I was only going to list Ron and Hermione, then I thought of Hagrid, the Weasley family, DOBBY!, Professor McGonagall, Dumbledore... the list goes on. I am sure as I explore the lists created by fellow bloggers this week, I will find tons of Potter love.
Movie version: 

2. Robin from The Cuckoo's Calling

While I am on the topic of JKR, why not stay there for a bit. I loved Robin, Cormoran Strike's assistant in The Cuckoo's Calling. She had her own rich story and a reason to be invested in Strike's investigations. I loved how she resisted finding new jobs that would even pay more money because she was so intrigued by the manner of Strike's work. That's a girl by my own heart.

3. Hassan from An Abundance of Katherines

John Green is another author who is quite good at building supporting casts, but if I had to pick one secondary character that I loved above the rest it would be Colin's best friend, Hassan. Hassan was a funny "regular guy" that I just loved to read. He was definitely one of those characters that lit up their scenes.

4. Simon from City of Bones

I have not yet finished reading this book, but from the moment Simon stepped onto the page before me, I knew he was going to be my favorite character in the book. When it looked like he was going to be left behind in th mundane world never to be heard from again, I nearly wanted to put the book down. However, now that he is intermingling with the story's ongoing drama, I can't wait to see how his story develops!

Movie version:

5. Ali from If You Could Be Mine
Sarah's cousin, Ali, and his flamboyance was a welcomed change in the strict, conservative Iran Sarah was trapped in. I loved the world that he showed Sarah (and us) just when it felt like she was all alone. He confidence in who he was and the life he (and Sarah) deserved to live helped to bring hope to this story and the reality of life in Iran for the LGBT community.

6. Hobbes from Calvin and Hobbes
I am not sure if this one qualifies. One may argue that Hobbes is not secondary at all, but, in my eyes, he's one of the greatest sidekicks ever to be written.
Comic book version:

7. Ted and Bartleby from Bone

Jeff Smith's Bone comic is one of the first that I collected issue by issue. It is now available in graphic novel form and is an excellent fantasy adventure story. This book sort of falls under that "Harry Potter" category of having an amazing supporting cast of characters that I could easily make a top 10 of all on its own, but two characters that I was always happy to see in an issue I picked up were Ted the bug and Bartleby the baby rat-creature.

Comic book versions of Bartleby (left) and Ted (right): 

8. Annabeth from the Percy Jackson series

Percy's love interest/best friend, Annabeth, is one cool character. She's super smart, athletic and has a Yankee's cap that makes her invisible. I love how she takes charge and is a strong female character in a series of books that can easily be appreciated by the boys that read it.

The strangely not-blonde Movie Version of Annabeth: 

9. Al from The Full Metal Alchemist
Edward's story would fall flat on its face without his little brother transformed into a a giant metal suit. His quest to protect his brother and change him back to the little boy he was presented the single shred of maturity Ed could muster. Throughout the rest of the story Al proved to be the calming force and the overpowering image (with a little boy's voice) that intimidated all those they came in contact with.

TV Show Version:

10. Boo Radley from To Kill A Mockingbird

Forget about top secondary characters, Boo Radley may be my favorite literary character of all time. Misunderstood with a pure heart, his quiet presence of strength within a weak frame is something that brings tears to my eyes every time I I come into contact with this character.

 Movie Version:

What are your favorite secondary book characters?
If you can't think of book characters, what are favorite secondary TV and movie characters? 

11. Merry and Pippin from The Lord of the Rings
Did I really almost forget these guys?? Although this is another book overflowing with incredible secondary characters!!

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