Friday, October 11, 2013

Lines To Learn About Writing

I'm back (barely) for day two of New York Comic Con. Today marks my little Brother's first-ever ComicCon, so I spent the morning being a fandom your guide. However, the moment it turned 12:30 I had to abandon my post since there were two "non-negotiable" panel set in my schedule.
The first was a writing workshop by one of the greatest writers in modern comics:
The second was a a panel that reaches into the depths of my weaknesses as a writer right now:

For the first panel, the room was booked and I was invited to wait outside *in case* someone came outside. I waited. I got to the front of the "just in case" line, but never got in. Instead I spent time chatting it up with an awesome stranger. It was her first time at the Con and we had fun just crossing our fingers together. 
Right now I'm on a pretty long line for the second panel crossing my fingers that they have room for me. I'm behind all of these people:

And now we're moving!! Here's hoping I've got tips to share pretty soon about writing badass chicks!!

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