Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pottermore Shop Is Open For Business

Hang on to your wands, fellow Potterheads, our books have finally been digitized. Today Pottermore announced via Twitter, Blog and e-mail to its followers, that the Pottermore Shop is open.
Pottermore Shop Home
In the Pottermore Shop one can purchase all seven Harry Potter books as they have finally been transformed into eBooks and digital audiobooks. According to the shop, the eBooks are compatible with "all leading eReaders, tablets and smartphones.." The digital audiobooks, narrated by the incomparable Jim Dale, are compatible with "MP3 players, including iPods and hundreds of other audio devices."
Boy Who Lived
The eBooks will cost you $7.99 USD each for the first three books and $9.99 USD each for the final four. If you wish to buy all seven eBooks at once, this will save you 10% for a total cost of $57.54 USD. The audiobooks also have varying prices for the first three books, which cost $29.99 USD each, and the final four books, which cost $44.99 USD each.. Again, you can save 10% on the set with a total cost of $242.94. For those who are in the giving mood, the Pottermore Shop provides an "Instant Gift" option, whereby you can send anyone with an e-mail address a code they can redeem in the shop for an eBook or audiobook of your choice.

The books are only available in English (US and UK) at this time. However, according to the Shop, "French, German, Spanish and Italian language eBooks will be available soon, and many further languages will follow. Digital audio books in German and Italian will also be available shortly."

So, while you wait for the wide release of Pottermore - the interactive site which brings the Harry Potter books to life with added story elements, and opportunities to immerse the reader in Harry's magical world like creating your own potions, wand dueling, and picking out your owl - you can now get your 21st century supplies ready for the adventure. I can only imagine that today's announcement is a good sign Pottermore's public gates will open sooner rather than later in the month of April.

 What will you do?
Are you buying the set?
Are you giving it as a gift?
Are you waiting for birthdays, Christmas, etc."
Are you happy with your print and paper and sticking to it?

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