Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Disgusting Delights [NaNoWriMo]

Write on Edge: RemembeREDThis post is here in response to this week's RemembeRED writing prompt from the Write On Edge blog. Here's the prompt:

This week, we’ve asked you to share with us a special recipe. But, we’ve asked you to do more than just list out ingredients.
We challenged you to take us back…to take us into your memory, in 500 words or less.

Although this is a fiction piece (a fun snippet from my unedited NaNoWriMo), it is largely inspired by any number of memories of my Mom and those really delicious (albeit disgusting) hot dogs we used to indulge in!

As much as Rachel didn’t want to admit it, her mom was right about just about everything. Not only was this kind of spending unreasonable for her, but both Becky and Zara realized it too. Becky said that her Mom gave her a similar lecture after she dropped Rachel and Zara off saying something along the lines of, “You barely have a college fund, don’t start dreaming that we’ll be funding these kinds of high school shinanigans for the next four years!” Zara said that she hadn’t bothered talking to her parents about it because she was still using her birthday money for everything, but that was running out fast.
When it came time for the Disgustingly Delicious Dogs, Becky looked as though she was struck dumb. “Wait a second, Mrs. A, what are these?” Her eyes gleamed with excitement.
Rachel’s mom relished every moment of it. This was exactly the type of reaction she deemed appropriate for such disgustingly delicious treats, “Well Becky, you see,” Rachel rolled her eyes as her mother played it up for her willing audience, “it all begins with a hot dog.”
“OK, I can see that, but what else?”
“Well then each dog is wrapped in a piece of bacon -“
“Ohmygosh,” Becky whispered all in one breath. Rachel and Zara laughed.
“Then I put them in the buns, in the oven and place some cheese slices on top! It’s disgusting. It’s delicious. And I must warn you - you can not eat these very often! But when you do, take time with them and enjoy…” Mrs. A, with her performance complete, stepped out of the dining room leaving her audience in olfactory awe.
“Rachel, for real, your mom is like my hero. I haven’t even bitten into this thing and it smells delicious.”
Zara, just swallowing her second bite, “Becky, she’s not kidding, take it slow. This is like the heaviest thing I’ve ever eaten in my life.”
Rachel laughed, “At the rate the three of us are going to gain 100 pounds in our first year of high school!”
Zara laughed, Becky couldn’t, she had just fallen back into her seat in some kind of food euphoria the likes of which Rachel had never seen before which just made her laugh even harder.

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