Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What if #16 [Writing Prompt]

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Happy pondering to everyone...

What IF #16:
What if it/they never existed?

For me, it was the Muppets. For my little brother it was Star Wars. My husband had GI Joe and his brother had Japanese entertainment (DragonBall Z, Pokemon and the Power Rangers). 

What are these things?

Those childhood obsessions that consumed so much of our thoughts, playtime and imaginations. I venture to guess that the influences these have had on us, even as grown-ups may be deeper than we even imagine. Let me give you some examples:
  • I have a tendency to look to the silly, fun and colorful aspects of life. I also tend to talk to animals a lot. I seem to think that all furry things have a basic concept of the English language.
  • My brother joined the military and then the police force. He is constantly fighting good versus evil.
  • My husband is very creative. How does this relate? When you have GI Joes the way you play with them is by imagining scenarios in which they all participate.
  • My brother-in-law is currently living in Japan. I truly wonder if he had not been exposed to Japanese culture in his youth if he would be as interested in pursing a career and new life in that country!
These are all very broad-strokes examples. Without telling you each of these life stories, I don't know how else to express the influence I see within each one of them. The fact is, our childhood obsessions framed us and our understanding of the world. I, personally plan to take some time to think about how I would be different if the Muppets didn't exist (even though this is a thoroughly heart-breaking perspective for me to take!). 

You may have guessed by now what inspired this question - THE MUPPETS ARE COMING BACK TO THEATERS THIS MONTH!! (I have become very Muppet-minded as of late!).

So I turn the question to you: What was your childhood obsession? What if it never existed? 
  • How would this have changed your childhood?
  • How do you think this would change your perspective of the world today?
  • Are there any negative aspects you picked up from your obsession?
  • Based on this, are there any current childhood "obsessions" you would like to steer your own children away from?
Write your story. Link up below!

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