Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I'm On To You HERSHEY'S!!!

I love my chocolate. It's true, I am dairy intolerant so I mostly stick to dark chocolate these days, but I still hold on to my love for the classic Hershey's chocolate. Whether it's a plain milk chocolate bar (that I can stretch out to last me a whole week!) or a Hershey kiss lurking in a candy bowl taunting me, I do give in from time to time to these delicious delights.

When I do, I am in heaven. It is that simple flavor and texture that I enjoy, so when I caught glimpse of Hershey's latest and greatest creation, the Hershey's Air Delight Bar, I was confused.

Why would anyone want LESS chocolate in their bar?

I've tried to ignore it and move on with my life telling myself, "Nicole, you don't have to buy that bar!" Then, today, just now, in fact, I saw a commercial for Air Delight Hershey Kisses! As soon as they showed the cross-section on the screen it occurred to me WHO exactly would want less chocolate in their candy...


I'm on to them now. They're trying to sell us the same size candies with LESS CHOCOLATE IN THEM!!

Now... Let me be fair - I have not tried these products (I'm terrified I will fall in love with them) nor have I done any price comparisons between them and the original Hershey's products. This is a total rant that I would normally save simply for my husband's ears after we have seen such a commercial. When he's not around, I'll tell the dogs all about it, but for some reason Buffy decided to stay in bed ridiculously late today. That's why, today, I have ranted here on Rivera Runs Through It. Perhaps you have tried one of these products and you can set me straight. Perhaps you know someone who works in Hershey and they can set me straight.

Either way, right now, these are my thoughts: Hershey is scamming us! They are not the first to do it, not by a long shot, but they are using their fabulously tempting Hershey logo to do it and I say THAT'S NOT FAIR!

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