Friday, November 4, 2011

Voca People [Theater Review]

When I went this summer to see Voca People.
Musica is Life. Life is Musica.


If you are the Voca People, then this is literally true. You see, the Voca People are a group of "people" from a far, far away place called Voca who have crash landed in New York City on Off-Broadway. Lucky us! In order to get their ship's energia back up so they can fly home, they need music. They use ours, purely acapella, and they are amazing.

Halloween weekend I had the pleasure of seeing the Voca People in the Westside Theater for the second time this year (yes, I liked them that much!). The first time I went to this show I had no idea what I was going to see, but I figured for $5 per ticket, I really couldn't lose (more about those $5 tickets? See my Broadway for Next to Nothing post).

Weird or Wonderful?
When the show started I was perplexed - a stark stage, eight "people" dressed head to toe in white with white faces and white bald caps, making weird noises and looking more confused than me! I thought, "Maybe I should have actually checked what this show was about before I came! What's my deal with spoilers, anyway?" Then, by connecting with one of the audience members (placing hand on head), one of the Voca People learned our language, told us their story and declared:

Life is musica. Musica is life.

For the rest of the show, I lived it. These eight talent people brought us all to life with their music, with no instruments but their voices and IT WAS AMAZING! While I am not too much into spoilers myself, I know tons of people are, so if you would like a small sampling of what the Voca People are about, then you should check out this video:

If you watched the video, I have to warn you, it only gives you a piece of what the show is all about! One incredible piece missing is the audience interaction. The Westside Theater is such a great venue because it is small enough that every seat in the house is a GREAT one (the whole place is smaller than many orchestra seating sections of other venues!) and the Voca People come out, into the audience numerous times to interact with everyone there!

Go See It!! 

It's an incredibly fun, fun show! I recently read that someone called the Voca People "Blue Man Group meets Glee" and I'd have to say that's a pretty good tag line. I recommend going to see this show to everyone who loves music, laughs and having a good time.

If you are not in New York, or not visiting us any time soon - no worries! It seems the Voca People have been crash landing all over the planet! Check out their International Site to check out where you can find them!

Have you seen Voca People?
Do you have any shows you'd like to recommend that are fun, entertaining and great to share with a group?
What one show Broadway, or Off-Broadway have you been dying to see?

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