Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What if #17 [Writing Prompt]

What IF #17:
What if you found out you had an allergy to your favorite food(s)?

Here in the United States this week is all about FOOD. Thursday is Thanksgiving and, while many people people have redefined that as "Black Friday Eve" it remains a delicious delight in my tradition. Since all types of food stuff is on the mind, I thought this would be a good time to think about how you would deal with a food allergy keeping you from your favorite food (cruel, I know!). 

So what would you do? Would you eliminate your favorite(s) from your diet forever or would you allow yourself "cheat days"? What type of symptoms would a food have to cause you to result in total elimination from your diet forever? Would you still prepare those favorite foods for friends/family even though you could not enjoy them?

Perhaps you are already dealing with a food allergy of your own. If so, when did you find out about it? How difficult was it for you to transition your eating habits? Did/do you allow for "cheat days"? Has it changed any of your holiday/celebratory traditions?

There's your food for thought this week. Something to chew on, if you will...

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