Saturday, February 4, 2012

NiNoCon: An Online Writer's Conference

Today is the day! It's NiNoCon!

Wait... Did you just say, "What's NiNoCon?" Well, then, let me tell you, NiNoCon is
Ninja Novel Conference ~ an online writers conference for the daring, the dedicated, the ninja writer!
Is that me? Maybe.

Is that you? Why not?!

You lose nothing by just going to check it out. Head to the writer's dojo and spend the day there. My mantra for these things is: If you learn just ONE THING then it's worth it. And I think that's sure to happen.

I really, really hope to get there as much as possible today, but I did not plan ahead! I'll be checking in, perhaps we'll virtually bump into each other... See you there!

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