Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold

The following post is taken directly from my hand-printed Reader's Journal. I will be sharing these reflections each week on the Rivera Runs Through It blog. The date at the end of each post is the date of the original writing, which is typically the date I completed the book. The reflections are short, but represent my initial reactions to a book, a brief summary of the book or the questions it raised for me at the time. I hope you enjoy this segment in my blog and feel free to comment on what you read here.

The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold
A uniquely told story from the perspective of a murdered girl, Suzie, from Heaven. Suzie's violent rape, murder and disappearance turn her family upside down and sends her town into insecurity. As Suzie watches and occasionally interacts with those left on Earth, her killer walks away, her mother has an affair, leaves the family and her little sister grows up to enjoy a womanhood Suzie will never see. While it would seem that Suzie's wish would be to have her killer caught and her remains found, Sebold reminds us that the most important things in life (and, I guess, in death) are love and family.

Dated: 01/05/03

When I read this book I remember having to tell my husband (then boyfriend) every detail of everything I was reading. I loved the book so much I just needed to share it and could simply could not wait for him to read it after me. Needless to say, since I told him everything, he had no need to ever read the book, but I at least felt as thought the experience was shared.
Have you ever had this type of experience where you could not wait for someone else to read in order to share the experience? If so, what book was it and who did you spoil the book for?
If not, how have you mastered the art of not spoiling things?!

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